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Bilbareed facilitates the design and delivery of electronic invitations and greeting cards designed by the region’s most creative talent. Users can customise designs in Arabic, English or both to create their own invitations, greeting cards and stationery, send them out and track delivery information. Bilbareed allows us to recognize our unique celebrations, from Eid to Mubarakas and more by featuring designs for occasions specific to our culture. Bilbareed is the natural evolution for hosts around this part of the world, famous for gracious and generous Arab hospitality.

Meet the Team

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Basma Al-Bakree

Born and raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Basma went on to Bryn Mawr college in Philadelphia to study French Literature. She spent time in Paris, Dubai, NYC, London and where she pursued another degree in Nutrition Sciences before returning to Saudi. She is curious, competitive, and always up for the next challenge.
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Dana Farouki

A curator and collector, Dana has spent the last decade working in art, with a focus on the Arab world. Dana studied History of Art at Brown and the Courtauld before working at MoMA and The Guggenheim. She is on the board of Bidoun Projects, MoMA PS1, Creative Time and Art Dubai. Dana is also a serial hostess and loves to entertain!
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Huda Al-Lawati

Huda has worked in private equity for over 12 years and is currently CIO at the Savola Group. She is a board member of a number of MENA companies and is a frequent speaker at conferences.She is also a member of the Young Arab Leaders. Huda has a B.S. in Neuroscience and a BA in Economics from Brown. She is petite, but fierce and loves to clean stuff!